Lighting and projection setup for INSIGHT restaurant and club in Moscow City


To plan the technical setup of a Moscow City restaurant and nightclub and to create unique lighting and projection solutions capable of transforming the space on demand.

The INSIGHT restaurant and nightclub, unmatched in Russia in terms of its equipment and the scale of integrative solutions, is located in one of the towers of the OKO skyscraper, at the height of 354 meters. We had worked for over a year to create a comprehensive multimedia and lighting solution that makes it possible to momentarily change the restaurant’s appearance and visually transform its space. This effect was achieved through conjunction of lighting equipment scripts and combination of translucent concrete and video mapping on the walls and pillars.

We came up with the concept that was used for development of engineering and multimedia solutions, selected equipment, and designed and manufactured 14 customized switchboards for managing the multimedia complex. The appearance of more than 1,000 sq. m of floor space is managed by the single system that includes over 1,200 individually controlled lamps, 32 multimedia projectors, 3 media servers, 2 moving LED screens on tubing cables, and a sound system. The control system runs automatically in accordance with previously input scripts, and can be managed remotely.

After creating the technological setup, we began to design video mapping content for the pillars and the textured walls. It is augmented with internal illumination of the pillars with the help of LED fixtures poured over with translucent concrete. Individually controlled lamps, integrated into the custom-built bar counter and furniture, create an additional ambiance, blending with the breathtaking 84th-floor panorama view of Moscow City.

The project envisions two operating modes for the lighting and projection equipment — in a restaurant format and nightclub format. In the daytime, when the space operates as a restaurant, only architectural lighting is used. It automatically switches after a certain amount of time, emphasizing different parts of the room. In the nighttime, when it becomes a club, architectural lighting is augmented with projection video mapping. Nightclub operating mode also envisions a two-hour multimedia show, the high point of the nightly entertainment program. The show additionally activates stage lighting, which is integrated and synchronized with the other elements of lighting and multimedia setup.