Dynamic lighting of Krasnoyarsk Strelka complex


To design, install and implement commissioning of the dynamic illumination system of the Yenisei Strelka complex consisting of 3 large architectural objects of the urban environment (pedestrian cable-stayed bridge, philharmonic building and museum center), to develop audiovisual content for the show and to program the operating modes of the complex on a schedule.

In 2018, we took part in a large-scale project of transforming the urban environment in Krasnoyarsk. The client turned to us with the idea of creating the first stationary audiovisual urban show in Russia at the architectural complex on the junction of Yenisei river, which includes the 550 meters long Vinogradovsky pedestrian cable-stayed bridge, as well as the Museum Center 'Square of the World' (the largest exhibition platform of contemporary art in Siberia) and the Bolshoi concert hall of the Krasnoyarsk Philharmonic. We had to create a project to automate the complex, develop sound and visual contents, write light scenarios for different modes of its operation, supply control equipment for the project, assemble custom control panels, install and tune up the entire system.

It took us about half a year to implement the project: a lighting system was designed over a month, another 4 months were spent on installation, which took place in difficult climatic conditions, and another month was needed for commissioning of the entire complex. The architectural lighting complex includes more than 15,000 RGBW-controlled pixels, over 2,000 linear RGBW lamps and 2 LED media facades. They formed a system of more than 200 DMX universes with more than 100,000 DMX addresses. To manage the complex, we have developed and assembled more than 100 automation cabinets. It took over 13 km of cable routes to connect these elements into a single network.

The installed technical solution allows to withstand temperature drops from -40 to +40 ° C; neither high humidity nor the vagaries of the weather affect its operation. The system does not require manual control: we have precomposed several scenarios of its work, tied to the calendar and launched automatically according to the schedule. There are modes designed for weekdays, weekends, holidays and light show mode, complemented by sound. The illumination automatically starts working after sunset.

We have paid special attention to the light show mode: first, we conducted a situational analysis and photographing, then selected the best observation points from which viewers could watch the dynamic lighting, and adjusted the show to be visible from those. Especially for this show was written musical accompaniment.
The system showed its efficiency by making the embankments of Krasnoyarsk the center of attraction during the Universiade 2019. Foreign visitors and local residents highly appreciated the result of our work.

In 2020, the multimedia lighting show "The Heart of Siberia" became the Bronze Design Award Winner in "Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award" category. It's the worlds' largest design competition held annually in Italy.