Ready-made solutions

for all kinds of problems
It often happens that there isn’t enough time or money to prepare unique video content for the event. Just for such cases, we have our own visual boutique. All of the video loops were created in-house and cannot be purchased anywhere else. This guarantees that even with a small budget you’ll get original high-quality content, that will make your party or show unforgettable.
Lease and sale of ScreenBerry media servers
ScreenBerry is a multimedia hardware and software system, which creates integrated video stage scenery from the unlimited number of screens. With this instrument, you can integrate projectors with monitors, plasma and LED screens of any size, shape, resolution and alignment. ScreenBerry can also be used as a turnkey solution for creation of dome mapping and control of elaborate content scenarios, including integration of light and kinetic solutions.
Binoculars with augmented reality
This is a unique limited edition proprietary device. We integrated a VR optical unit on a revolving mount into the binoculars’ body. When the binoculars are aimed at certain objects, additional informational video content appears on top of the object in augmented reality, or panoramic photo and video images are shown in virtual reality. This is an original and practical solution for exhibitions and creation of expositions.

Original turnkey solutions for unusual challenges