"Christmas Miracle" light and projection show


To develop an audiovisual content and implement a light and projection show at the facade of the Perm Academic Theater-Theater and the adjutant square. The show should be based on the concept of the «Happy New Year, Perm!» project supervised by the Department of Culture and Youth Policy of Perm city administration and timed to the Christmas celebration.

On January 7th, 2019 the premiere of the "Christmas Miracle" light and projection show took place on the facade of the Perm Academic Theater-Theater building. During the evening six shows took place in the attendance of thousands of residents and guests of the city.

The show was commissioned by Perm’s Agency of Social and Cultural Projects. We have developed an unique audiovisual content which was implemented in technical partnership with Dreamlaser company. By means of video mapping technology, we turned the facade of the theater into a large-scale artistic canvas to demonstrate expressive visual techniques and effects, using the shape of the building for creation of three-dimensional optical illusions and plot metamorphosis. Several parts of this 5-minute show were united by the theme of love and Christmas magic. For one evening, the theater building became a toy store, in which adults became children again and experienced a number of amazing events.

3D computer animation was combined with CG and live actor footage to create these video sequences. Exclusive neoclassical style music along with the dynamic lighting solutions supported the drama of the action. As a result, a Christmas magical fairy tale effect was created, which, as we hope, will be remembered by the audience for many years.