Presentation of the new Mercedes Benz X-Class car model in Russia


Working under a tight deadline, to create multimedia content for the show and information display at the presentation of the new Mercedes Benz X-Class car model in Russia

The new Mercedes Benz X-Class pickup premiered in Russia in September of 2017, at the Crocus Expo international exhibition center, during Comtrans International Commercial Vehicle Auto Show. Three weeks before presentation we were approached by the Cube agency, which asked us to create the unique video mapping for the show along with the interactive content for the multimedia information display that would describe the new automobile’s functional specifications, conform to the show’s overall style and follow the guidelines provided by Mercedes Benz.

Within the shortest possible time we designed the script and storyboard and had it approved by the client. Following that we began the production of the 4K video, the soundtrack for which was composed by renowned electronic musician Pixelord. The content was projected onto the smart glass with controlled transparency, which hid the Mercedes Benz X until the last moments of the show. The light of its headlights was also syncronized with the main content.