Oil Museum (educational and training center)


To create audiovisual and interactive content for the Oil Interactive Training Center which was opened in Pavilion No. 25 at VDNKh by LUKOIL. The Oil Pavilion is the Russia's largest multimedia exhibition on scientific and applied industrial topics. Here visitors learn about the oil company’s entire production cycle — from extraction to refining and sales of products.

The Pavilion is divided into several thematic zones. We were commissioned by ASCREEN to work on installations for the History and Technology exhibition halls. In total, more than 200 pieces of audiovisual content were created for 23 installations. 

We had to delve deeply into the intricacies of oil production and refining technology. Working with LUKOIL company experts and colleagues from ASCREEN, we meticulously created multilayered content which, on the one hand would be clear to children and, on the other hand, could arouse the interest of industry experts. The visualization of complex technological chains and individual processes has been thought out to the smallest detail.

Various technical solutions for interactive installations are presented in the History Hall: multimedia kiosks with integrated screens, acoustic labels, and virtual guides. The interactive physical models demonstrate the sequence of technological processes, and the models are synchronized with the explanatory content on the screens. Historical documents such as photographs and video chronicles are presented to visitors. Visitors can also find out historical documents in the form of photographs and video timelines. An interactive projection book tells ancient stories about oil. The holographic images in the Time Machine installation are created by professional actors and easily transport viewers into different eras, with a live speech creating a sense of belonging.

In the Technology Hall, we created content for touch screens, loudspeaker system's and large scale associative models. We took into account the diversity of controls (rotary table tops, push-buttons, encoders) to provide a phygital experience at the edge of digital and physical solutions. In the Transporting Oil installation, digital content is changed through a kinetic process: visitors turn a valve, and then a ball rolls out into a special tube triggering the thematic content. The Journey With Oil installation became a favourite. Being inside the capsule with automatic doors, visitors are immersed in a special space and take a journey through time thanks to a dynamic, detailed video on the panoramic screen.