Museum of Moscow Urban Economy


To develop a scientific conception, write scenarios for multimedia content, create a design project and project documentation, perform detailed engineering and implement a number of complex multimedia installations, carry out commissioning work, integrate lighting solutions and automation.

On April 8, 2022, the Museum of Moscow Urban Economy was opened to the public. This  new cultural site is located at VDNKh. The Pitch bureau and our key partners worked on this project for over 2 years. Our large interdisciplinary team has created a truly unique exposition on a global scale. It is a one-of-a-kind exhibition and educational complex dedicated to the 'anatomy' of the metropolis. Here visitors can find out how this high-tech complex mechanism is set up, what ensures the smooth operation of all city services and how the highest level of comfort and quality of urban environment is provided. 

The museum is located in Pavilion 5, which was built in 1954 and is listed as a cultural heritage site. A comprehensive scientific restoration was carried out before the new exhibition was placed there. One of the challenges that our team successfully dealt with was not to affect the historical elements during the building phase. In fact, the exhibition is a kind of a building within a building, the freestanding structure does not come into contact with the historic walls.

The exhibition gives a full picture on how and why the urban economy functions. It is divided into 3 thematic zones: ‘Control Room’, ‘Apartment’ and ‘City’. A total of 140 exhibits are on display in the museum, and we have made more than half of them interactive. In addition, to make the family visit even more entertaining, we have developed a special quiz.


In the 'Control Room', visitors can actually see processes behind the scenes of city services. A huge interactive panel displays in real time the key indicators (like daily water, electricity and gas consumption, water and air quality etc.) and the status of citizens' requests.

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The hall 'Apartment' demonstrates the resources that provide domestic comfort and the latest technologies used by professionals. We have developed engaging content, as well as a number of multimedia kinetic installations. They enable visitors to check the quality of tap water, to explore gas, heating and electricity systems in an interactive way, to understand how rubbish should be sorted correctly, how elevators work, how apartment buildings are repaired, and much more.

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The hall 'City' provides a broader view on what is necessary for efficient and smooth operation of the urban economy. A wide variety of multimedia technologies helps to explore the infrastructure of the metropolis. Visitors can peek into the Moscow underground to see what is literally beneath our feet, try their hand at being a lighting designer, take a ride on a street sweeper or design a courtyard. The central exhibit is a scale model of the city (18x5 m), which can be examined not only live, but also with the help of VR-binoculars and AR-application.