Museum of Russian Railways


To design and manufacture a number of ready-to-operate unique hi-tech installations for Russia's largest and most technologically-advanced museum, and to provide content for them.

On 31 October, 2017, on the 180th anniversary of the Russian railways’ launch, the country’s principal railway museum and one of the world’s largest themed museums was opened in St. Petersburg. Russia’s most technologically advanced and multimedia-suffused museum has a floor space of 50 000 sq. m. It exhibits 115 railway equipment units and over 3 500 artifacts. Exposition is enriched by 34 multimedia installations created by our team on commission from and under the guidance of the project’s general contractor, museum design agency KMVI.

Our team joined the design group at the conceptual stage back in 2015. We contemplated the details of the future multimedia expositions, wrote scripts, and worked on design and specification documents. After the project was approved, we were entrusted with the installation of the comprehensive multimedia package, including multimedia projection, server and switching equipment, in total consisting of 48 video projectors, 61 LCD displays and 32 media servers. We were also asked to come up with the ideas for the installations’ themes and content, to produce, assemble, commission and start up the installations, and to develop and design the intricate audiovisual content. Working on this project, we created a number of unique and complex hi-tech ready-to-operate installations as well as the content for them. In addition to that, we took on a scope of work on complex automation of multimedia. 

The unique exposition and museum’s central location have quickly made it a popular destination for residents and guests of St. Petersburg, adding it to the list of city’s landmarks. In the first weeks following the museum’s opening, the daily flow of visitors was as much as 20 000 people.

In 2019, the Museum was recognized as the best corporate Museum in Russia and received the Grand Prix.

In 2020, the multimedia installation "Teleport" was announced the winner in the "Experience Design" category within the international Future Mars Life Design Competition. The Competition is a part of C Space Project supported by China National Space Administration (CNSA).

In 2020, the multimedia installation "Hands of Time" was awarded as "Best audiovisual exhibit" in the international contest Museums In Short. Jury agreed that the mix of film and digital components would be an essential part of museum exhibitions moving into the future.

In 2021, the multimedia installation "Polonceau Railway Carriage" became the Silver Design Award Winner in "Cultural Heritage and Culture Industry Design" сategory. It's the worlds' largest design competition held annually in Italy.