Multimedia exhibition Russian Arctic at Zaryadye Park


To develop the design concept of multimedia exhibition "Russian Arctic" with subsequent ready-to-operate installation for the Media Center of Zaryadye Park

The Russian Arctic exhibition, on display from September 18, 2017 to February 18, 2018, was the first show to grace the exhibition halls of the Media Center in the new Zaryadye Park in Moscow, just opposite the Red Square. We were tasked with developing the design concept and executing the production of the multimedia exhibition that would accompany the existing showpieces such as the paintings, photographs and personal items of the Arctic explorers, provided by the ROSIZO State Museum and Exhibition Center and a number of Russian museums, and would integrate them into a single showcase.

Our work on this project encompassed everything, from conceptual design elaboration and architectural and mutimedia design to production of all the audiovisual and interactive content, manufacturing of glass cases and stage props, and installation of the exhibition — all done on the ready-to-operate basis. We also designed the exhibition’s logo and visual identity, planned the integrated graphic design, conducted research, and created the tour programs for children and adults.

We used architectural treatments to divide the Center’s space into specific zones, dedicated to the history, culture and art, the natural world of the Arctic, and the future of its exploration. Each zone contains a key multimedia exhibit, as well as a number of installations on the subject matter.

The exhibition’s technological setup includes 13 video projectors, 2 media servers, 2 computers, 6 professional video players, 3 sound systems, 2 interactive easels with controllers — all integrated into a single network with remote access. Over 50 light fixtures were used for the creation of illumination scenarios. Additionally, we designed a number of unique interactive and multimedia setups, and a mobile application with augmented reality.

The exhibition was a great success: in just 5 months it was visited by more than 30,000 people.