Multimedia drone show. Presentation of the new SIBUR-Wilson basketball


To create a brilliant and dynamic multimedia show for the presentation of a new SIBUR-Wilson basketball, the first in the world manufactured from recycled materials, that would reflect its environmental friendliness and innovation.

On February 17, 2018, during the VTB United League All-Star Game, played at St. Petersburg's Yubileyniy Sports Palace, our company was responsible for the presentation of the new SIBUR-Wilson basketball, done in the format of a multimedia drone show. It was unique in several regards, as we were the first in Russia to use drones during a sports event, deploying a record number of them in the confined space of a basketball court.

Pitch Agency was responsible for the event from start to finish. For the show itself we presented the idea to the client and received its approval, then worked on the concept and designed all the multimedia content. With the help of the Interactive Lab and Tsuru Robotics, we created hi-tech custom drone balls with a unique structure and LED ribbons that made the drones look like the League’s new official ball. The high-precision tracking system with a matrix of professional infrared cameras and the specially-designed system of drone operation were responsible for synchronizing the flight in accordance with the pre-programmed trajectory just a few meters away from the VIP stands and the journalist bench.

Almost 6,000 fans in the stands and over 100,000 live viewers watched the intricate choreography of 12 illuminated drones against the backdrop of specially designed audiovisual content that was broadcasted on 9 LED screens and accompanied by the dynamic light show that utilized 32 light units. In addition to that, we deployed 1,570 color-pulsing PixMob bracelets worn by fans in the bleachers. The show was presented by one of Russia’s most popular showmen, Ivan Urgant.

It took just three months to implement this extremely intricate project — from the idea presentation to the final show — and we wouldn’t be able to make it without exceptional work of our team as well as the support and assistance from our client, SIBUR, to whom we want to extend a special message of gratitude. In the process of working on the show, we had to develop a whole number of unique engineering and technological solutions and overcome a great number of difficulties: the length of rehearsals was regularly cut, the format and length of the show itself kept being updated along with the position of drone start and landing, and technical inputs from the other contractors. A great number of official approvals was required for the constrained space drone show in the presence of many people. When it came to the venue itself, we were seriously pressed for time, and had to organize everything with close to no rehearsals and no opportunity for preliminary run through. The final surprise came during the show itself. Despite operating on a dedicated frequency of 2.4 GHz, we discovered that the network was working over capacity because the fans and the journalists were actively streaming the show online, almost bringing the whole system of drone management down. Nonetheless, we successfully resolved even this final problem and met all the challenges, which was confirmed by the roar in the stands and the burst of applause at the end of the presentation