Urban lighting show "Krasnoyarsk: the Heart of Siberia"


To develop a concept, an audiovisual content and regular lightning mode for thematic urban show, which included the architectural ensemble of Strelka area: 550 m long pedestrian cable-stayed bridge across Yenisei River, Museum and Concert Hall buildings, to program the operating modes of the complex on a schedule.

In 2019 we continued to transform the urban environment in Krasnoyarsk and created the second stationary lightning show «The Heart of Siberia» at the architectural complex on the junction of Yenisei river, which includes the 550 meters long Vinogradovsky pedestrian cable-stayed bridge, as well as the Museum Center «Square of the World» (the largest exhibition platform of contemporary art in Siberia) and the Bolshoi concert hall of the Krasnoyarsk Philharmonic. Besides we programmed the dynamic illumination system of the whole сomplex again. This time the plot of the show was based on genius loci of the city and symbolically reflected its sightseeings and unique features. Unfortunately we could not display clear images on the architectural objects (except media facades) because of the physical limitations of the working surfaces. That is why we create a concept of the show using maxims of emotional design with the associative color and shape row, which contained symbols of Krasnoyarsk, such as «The Yenisei», «Krasny Yar», «Krasnoyarsk Pillars» etc. The show was 8 minutes long. It was supported by original visual row, which integrated color-dynamic solutions, spectacular visual moves and optical illusions, the drama of the presentation enhanced with the original sound accompaniment.

In April 2020 it became a Bronze Award Winner in the world’s largest, most influential and prestigious design competition A' Design.