The Big Data Symphony. Visuals and the opening show for FINOPOLIS 2019


To come up with an idea and develop audiovisual content for the main opening ceremony show, visuals for plenary sessions and animated video loops for the Forum of innovative financial technologies FINOPOLIS 2019 in Sochi.

On October 9–11, Sochi hosted the 5th forum of innovative financial technologies FINOPOLIS, which is held by the Bank of Russia in partnership with the leaders of the IT and financial market. FINOPOLIS is the largest fintech event in Russia, which discusses and analyzes trends and applications of digital technologies in the financial sector. For the opening show we came up with 3 different creative concepts, from which The Big Data Symphony was chosen by the client. It is a video mapping show built around the image of a conductor orchestrating financial instruments. For the show we have developed a stage set-up of 3-piece screen and 10 integrated slats. The total surface length was 44 meters, while the height — 7. To produce the show we specially wrote a soundtrack and shot the conductor in the chromakey pavilion. This footage was later combined with computer graphics. Based on the corporate design of the Bank of Russia, we also have created 4 animated video loops for plenary sessions and 17 stills for the sections of the forum.