Exhibition-biopic ‘Viktor Tsoi. A Path of the Hero’


To develop media content for an immersive exhibition dedicated to Viktor Tsoi.

On January 15, 2022, the biopic exhibition ‘Viktor Tsoi. A Path of the Hero’ was opened in Moscow at the Manege Central Exhibition Hall. It is dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the legendary musician's birth. A unique multimedia project recreates Viktor's life path from a shy boy to an iсon of generations. The exposition’s area is 2,650 sq. m. It is organized in 11 thematic halls and is interesting in many ways. For the first time, a whole range of Tsoi’s archival documents, art works and personal belongings are presented to the public.

The authors of the exhibition, bureau Planet9, let visitors explore Tsoi“s universe through audiovisual experience. The guests move through the exhibition space wearing headphones. When they approach various installations, synchronized songs, interviews and archival recordings are played automatically. The sound in the headphones simultaneously accompanies visitors moving through the exhibition space and contains a narrative that reveals the content of each thematic hall. The auditory experience is the key to understanding the presented materials.

Pitch bureau had to prepare all of the audio and video content for the exhibition. Creating a seamless experience was the most interesting and ambitious challenge.  Together with the authors we developed sound design for the whole exhibition space and created more than 70 original audiovisual pieces based on archival materials. We had studied nearly all of the existing audio and video musician’s recordings in order to present the best ones to the public for the first time. We also created a number of works specially for the exhibition. For example, an CG video for one of the key installations – a multimedia diorama in the hall dedicated to Rashid Nugmanov's movie The Citadel of Death based on a script by William Gibson. It was the last project with the participation of Viktor Tsoi that never happened.

More about the exhibition - https://tsoyhero.com/