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Intuiface is the world's leading digital content creation and remote management platform that does not require coding. 
 With it, you can create bespoke interactive experiences: the options of this software include integration with touch surfaces, RFID/NFC, beacons, sensors, web API and the Internet of Things.

Solutions based on this software are used in almost all areas of digital content creation, from museums and exhibitions to educational solutions and retail. This is due to the fact that Intuiface has actually become an industry standard — solutions based on it are applicable to work on any device: from multi-touch tables and kiosks to digital signage systems and complex multimedia installations. With its help, the whole range of digital media — text documents, images and their galleries, videos, audio files, websites and applications, 3D models (including animated), maps etc. can become interactive and seamlessly work together in any combination. Intuiface also supports HTML5. In addition, Analytics tools are included in the software, so you can collect information about user interaction and adapt user scenarios or update content.

Today, Intuiface products and solutions are used in more than 90 countries. Our company has extensive experience in integrating Intuiface into various types of projects: in particular, we widely use this software in Museum and exhibition activities. In particular, we installed 96 instances of this software for information and reference kiosks and multimedia installations in the Museum of Russian Railways in St. Petersburg, for which all interactive content was uploaded and updated remotely. As a Silver Partner we are proud to be one of the world’s largest integrators of Intuiface and the only official distributor of the company's products in Russia.

We will be glad to advise you on the possibilities of its use and offer our turnkey solutions and expertise in building bespoke user experiences and creation of projects of any complexity with Intuiface — from the development of user interaction scenarios to design, layout and programming of interactive multimedia content.

Contact us to get more information and find out the cost of this solution.

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Screenberry media servers are compact, but powerful and intuitive hardware/software solution for multi-screen, high-resolution content playback (up to 8×8K) in real time. It is based on cutting-edge technologies while providing best pricing solution for its functionality.

The combination of broad technological capabilities with high power, reliability and the lowest cost per video output among other media servers makes it an ideal tool for video mapping, dome projection, multimedia installations or complex stage setups.

Quick server setup, easy multimedia content management, and timecode-based control make Screenberry an ideal choice for permanent installations, stage shows and events. The rich network capabilities of the server allow you to work remotely even with large-scale installations. The automatic and manual calibration feature allows the user to create seamless images on polygonal, panoramic, dome-shaped or spherical screens.

We at Pitch love to bring innovative ideas to life and inspire people. This is the reason why we actively use Screenberry mediaservers in a wide range of our highly acclaimed projects — both in Russia and internationally. Due to nature of our business we actively work on production of complex permanent multimedia installations, which often have to function on a daily basis for many years, while meeting the highest technical requirements — which is very important, for example, for museum installations. As we need a reliable, easy to use and cost effective solution, we actively use Screenberry media servers. 

Our technological partnership with its software maker, Front Pictures, has been going on for a number of years and led to a close business relationship on a wide scope of projects. Today we are proud to be the exclusive distributors of Screenberry media servers in Russia. 

Contact us to discuss exciting possibilities of using this innovative technological solution in your project.

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We care about our customers and always strive to provide them with the best available, be it technology, equipment or services. Thus we love to cooperate with our partners: like-minded companies with the same attitude, proven by experience. As we are proud of them and the results we have achieved together, we would love to mention them here. 

Be sure that by implementing our partners' solutions you will get uncompromising quality on the most favorable terms. This means that in the end everyone — including you — benefits from our partnership and we make this world just a little bit better.